Telefon: +4 0756 661 004
Adress: Str. Dezrobirii nr.16 bl.26, Bucuresti
Workshop: Soseaua Oltenitei, nr3/5, Bucuresti


We are involved in the manufacture of stained glass, mosaics and decorative objects from Europe since 2004 and we offer our customers:

  • Development and manufacture of exclusive stained glass windows and products made of glass for home and office based on individual sketches at the request of the customer
  • Art execution and installation, mosaic decorative surfaces
  • Artistic creations of stained glass and clerkly mosaic
  • Decoration of walls and ceilings at the highest professional level, using mosaic art elements
  • Exclusive furniture, home design and decor, business gifts, Tiffany lamps, ceilings, chandeliers, clocks, vases, figurines and much more
  • Unique artistic creations
  • Contact us for the most difficult and interesting creative challenges and we will create your personal universe of harmony and beauty.
Production: stained glass, mosaic art, clerkly stained glass and mosaic, merger, walls and ceilings, 24 k gold background mosaic, reconditioning of stained glass, mosaic and furniture.