Telefon: +4 0756 661 004
Adress: Str. Dezrobirii nr.16 bl.26, Bucuresti
Workshop: Soseaua Oltenitei, nr3/5, Bucuresti

Art Balint - Development and manufacture of exclusive stained glass windows

Stained glass windows - they give an exclusive status to the interior details, which will always represent the owner's good taste and wealth. They come to us from the medieval Europe and they have been used to decorate temples and palaces, being extremely costly elements in the decor art. The stained glass windows delight and fascinate through the incredibly beautiful game of light and colour, allowing it not only to harmoniously integrate with the stained glass elements in a modern interior, but also highlights them as a total composition.
The beauty and majesty of stained glass, passing through centuries and enriched with materials and technologies, remains an "elitist" and refined decor, attracting the attention of clients, equipped with a feeling of beauty and obosit de impresionale, the grey stamped to consumer goods. If you are looking for interesting design solutions for home or office or if you want to purchase an exclusive item for yourself, or even a gift - we recommend looking closer at our services and products made of stained glass in the Balint workshop.