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Adress: Str. Dezrobirii nr.16 bl.26, Bucuresti
Workshop: Soseaua Oltenitei, nr3/5, Bucuresti


The stained glass is a product of Applied Arts, which is made of a special glass collected in a metal frame. The first thing that will be given attention when entering the room; because actually the stained glass - the source of light (projected through the glass) and our eye is designed to focus first on the source of light and then on the flowers, shapes and so on. And this explains us why the coloured glass can't be separated by the eye; and if the colour, the shape and the idea of the stained glass highlight the interior beauty, the taste of the owners, than the stained glass windows can be considered a true "highlight" of the house. We invite you to come see our works made by using stained glass techniques and to contact us to obtain a free advice regarding the possibility of using stained glass windows to decorate your space.

Work gallery: mosaic